Legal Assistance for Providers Gambling Online

Legal Assistance for Providers Gambling Online

Legal Assistance for Providers Gambling Online – Nowadays, the police officers are sweeping vigorously about online gambling sites because of the many complaints from residents who get whatup from online gambling agents. So now the police are directly involved and sweeping online gambling agents.

But even though many online gambling agents are netted by the police, but many bosses online gambling agents who escape the law. Because the online gambling agent industry hires lawyers to protect them from the bondage of the law.

Legal Assistance for Providers Gambling Online

Indeed, now online gambling practices in Indonesia are rife, so that the police have difficulty in uncovering their roots, because most online gambling agents come from overseas which are legalized by the country.

Therefore to be able to eradicate the roots of the police must have its operators in other countries. And not only that most of the owners of online gambling agents are also big people so they can hire lawyers to avoid being caught in the law.

Because the center of online gambling sites from online countries so that the Indonesian police have difficulty in directly blocking sites that provide online gambling.

When last month the police arrested online gambling bookmakers and we asked them, it turned out that the center was in the Philippines and the police called the country and it turned out that the country was illegal so we could not block it and could only block it from there.

The immensity of the online gambling industry in Indonesia

For their workers, they are not subject to punishment, only to be asked who owns the online gambling, and how it operates, how much profit.

When all that is done, the employee is sent home, but the owner of the online gambling is also free from the bondage of law because they call a lawyer and only pay for gambling that they open in Indonesia.

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